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Osteopathic practitioner
Certified Rolfer

Hans Diehl - Osteopathic Practitioner and Certified Rolfer

Osteopathic Practitioner
Certified Rolfer

I am a trained Osteopathic practitioner with a Bachelor Degree in Science from the Canadian College of Osteopathy and am also a member of the Society of the Promotion of Manual Practice (SPMPO).  I also graduated from the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado and have been practicing Rolfing for 20 years.

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$150 for 60 minutes

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Rolfing and Osteopathy are both highly effective manual therapies.

Both are scientifically validated and include some of the most cutting edge advanced manual techniques available today.

Rolfing & Osteopathy Can Help

chronic pain

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Rolfing realigns the body’s fascia*. When this process of realignment happens chronic pain is typically greatly reduced or eliminated long term.

Osteopathy adds advanced techniques to bring about balance and space for each body structure (visceral organ, muscle, fascia, brain and spinal cord tissue, etc.) to move freely and maximize blood and nerve flow. Chronic pain is typically greatly reduced or eliminated when this is done.

*fascia: as the little boy logo suggests, fascia is always getting out of alignment as it tries to protect and hold us up even long after injuries, accidents, or just the stresses of life have occurred. As a result, our body blocks get chronically twisted on top of each other. Rolfing manipulations restructure and deeply realign these twists so that the whole body can move as one unit again. Fascia is the body’s organ of shape and structure. It’s what gives us our shape. When injured or when guarding an area of pain it can change long term from healthy soft and spongy tissue that is able to adapt and allow free fluid movement to a wooden, or even rock hard tissue that is incapable of moving or adapting to neighboring fasciae. Fortunately, with proper manipulation the healthy spongy quality can be fully restored in most cases. When this is done chronic pain is typically greatly reduced or eliminated.

posture / alignment

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Good posture comes naturally from having deep structures realigned so that the shoulder and pelvic girdles “drape” around a deep centered place inside the body. It should be effortless to hold ourselves up in gravity.

Rolfing and Osteopathy offer many manual “tools” to allow this centered space to express itself fully from head to toe.

athletic performance

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Rolfing and Osteopathy are scientifically validated therapies known for being excellent in treating chronic pain, but are also highly effective in helping reach peak performance and ease of movement.

Rolfing and Osteopathy offer a wide array of cutting edge techniques that help athletes reach their peak performance; not just by reducing or eliminating pain, but by maximizing the ease and fluidity of movement of every organ and tissue and by optimizing energy and vitality.

Then more can be done with less energy and more efficiency.

Osteopathic treatment of concussions uses gentle yet powerful manual techniques that can speed up recovery by reorganizing and rebalancing injured areas within the hemispheres, brain stem and spinal cord.

ease and grace of movement

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When the whole body is “integrated” with the Rolfing 10 session series a greater ease of graceful movement is achieved. Joints feel “well oiled”. Strain is reduced and a flow between body segments in movement can be realized.

the Rolfing 10 session series

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If you have not experienced the 10 session series I enthusiastically encourage you to feel the difference it can make not just on your chronic pain or athletic performance, but on your everyday quality of life!

I add many osteopathic techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the 10 session series.

balance / stability / centering

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Rolfing helps balance the fascia, which greatly improves balance, stability and centering. Manual osteopathy adds to that by offering techniques that help regulate and balance the nervous system centres for balance and stability. This is particularly important in sports injuries, car accidents, concussions or in helping chronic illness such as cerebral palsy or other conditions.

Practitioners of yoga, tai chi, or dancers for example, who are attuned to maintaining a centred balance, appreciate how Rolfing and Osteopathy can effectively maximize balance and stability from a deep centered place.

balancing body systems (digestive, hormonal, nervous)

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In addition to being an excellent treatment for muscles, joints, fascia and the brain and spinal tissues, manual osteopathic techniques can help the digestive , nervous, reproductive and immune systems.

These techniques help by maximizing the correct position, movement and vitality of key structures that relate to proper functioning of these systems.

car accidents/sports injuries

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The sudden forceful jerking motions experienced in car accidents or sports injuries often require accessing and regulating the body’s nervous system at a deep level. Osteopathic techniques stand out as very effective in treating these traumas.

emotional trauma

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Emotions are held not just in the brain, but in specific organs, or other areas of the body. Rolfing and Osteopathy can help in balancing the imprint of these held emotions and in so doing add to our quality of life.

many other conditions

"Osteopathic treatment let me use my knee and leg again!"

— BV

"My migraines were relieved."

— KL

"Hans helped me get back to moving pain free after years of debilitating car accidents compounded by old surgeries and sports injuries."

— AH

"In one treatment of osteopathy I got more results than many sessions of other therapies I’ve tried."

— JN

"My carpal tunnel was keeping me from working. Rolfing kept me from needing surgery and I can still do my job."

— NZ

"The Rolfing 10 series was transformative for me. Like having a new body! The changes have been long lasting."

— JS

"My digestion and headaches improved with osteopathy. I feel like Hans got to the root of my issues."

— BT

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