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$150 for 60 minutes

"Osteopathic treatment let me use my knee and leg again!"

— BV

"My migraines were relieved."

— KL

"Hans helped me get back to moving pain free after years of debilitating car accidents compounded by old surgeries and sports injuries."

— AH

"In one treatment of osteopathy I got more results than many sessions of other therapies I’ve tried."

— JN

"My carpal tunnel was keeping me from working. Rolfing kept me from needing surgery and I can still do my job."

— NZ

"The Rolfing 10 series was transformative for me. Like having a new body! The changes have been long lasting."

— JS

"My digestion and headaches improved with osteopathy. I feel like Hans got to the root of my issues."

— BT

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