About Rolfing and Osteopathy



What is Rolfing?

Rolfing realigns the whole body in gravity by deep manipulation of the fabric of the body’s fascia. As a result, a ‘rolfed’ body moves more comfortably from a deep centered space and typically with eliminated or greatly reduced pain.

Rolfing and the 10 series

While Rolfing is not necessarily done in 10 sessions, it is best done in 10 sessions. Each session realigns the fascia* of each body block in relation with the next (the feet are reorganized, then the whole leg, then the pelvis, abdomen, neck and head). This is done at a deep level so the body has a new deep structural unity. As each body block is untwisted and decompressed and realigned, gravity flows through the body unrestricted and we feel and move like one unit, freely and invariably pain free.

It is a great experience that makes day to day life more enjoyable, let alone being able to perform at a higher level in whatever you love to do. I highly recommend it to young and old alike.


What is Osteopathy?

While Rolfing principally realigns the body in gravity through manipulation of the fascia*, osteopathy creates balance in all the body by using many specialized advanced manipulations of the fascia, bone, joints, cranium, organs, in short, all the body’s structures.

All too often we need to decompress or even “unglue” visceral organs to alleviate pain and permit movement or correct alignment. For example, the liver is a big organ and if it’s compressed or stuck off its proper position due to accident or injury it can cause shoulder, neck or back pain until it’s realigned. Manipulating the neck or back only offers temporary improvement. Osteopathy gives the tools to effectively identify and treat these organs in need of manipulation.

Also, osteopathic manipulation of the cranial bones and the brain and spinal cord are cutting edge treatments that have been scientifically validated with many studies that have demonstrated their effectiveness. These structures too can get stuck just like vertebral joints get stuck. And if they are not in balance and able to move freely, as in concussion or whiplash, neck pain, headache or other more severe symptoms can occur.

Manual Osteopathy has been well known and trusted in Europe for many years but is relatively new to Vancouver.

"Osteopathic treatment let me use my knee and leg again!"

— BV

"My migraines were relieved."

— KL

"Hans helped me get back to moving pain free after years of debilitating car accidents compounded by old surgeries and sports injuries."

— AH

"In one treatment of osteopathy I got more results than many sessions of other therapies I’ve tried."

— JN

"My carpal tunnel was keeping me from working. Rolfing kept me from needing surgery and I can still do my job."

— NZ

"The Rolfing 10 series was transformative for me. Like having a new body! The changes have been long lasting."

— JS

"My digestion and headaches improved with osteopathy. I feel like Hans got to the root of my issues."

— BT

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