Frequently Asked Questions


Do insurances cover osteopathy or Rolfing?

Yes, for osteopathy extended insurance plans typically cover a certain number of treatments per year (please check your individual policy for details).

Does it hurt?

Rolfing is often a deep manipulation of the fascia.* This does not mean that it will necessarily hurt. Many find the deep work relaxing. Be assured that I will respect your own tolerance of pain. There are many different ways to get the fully transformative results of Rolfing without using unnecessary force, so there’s no need to be overly concerned about pain during a session. There may be some pain after the session as the body adjusts to the changes that occurred during the session. Typically, this lasts only for a day or two.  In general, Osteopathic manipulations are known for being very gentle.

* Fascia is like a three-dimensional sweater knitted through the whole body (imagine a woven fabric coursing through skin, muscle, bone, nerve, etc., tying all these structures together). Fascia is the body’s real organ of structure and shape. It reacts to trauma and gets rock hard, or compresses and twists whole sections of the body to guard against a perceived threat, whether emotional or physical. But thankfully it has a great memory. With careful manipulation, it can go back to the soft balanced place it had before the trauma and provide the renewed resilient support needed to keep moving freely without pain.

Rolfing and Osteopathy both treat the fascia holistically.

What should I wear?

Most women wear soft shorts and a sports bra (like you would wear at the gym) or underclothes or a two-piece bathing suit.

For men or children soft shorts or underclothes.

What should I expect in a session?

We first establish goals and priorities. Then we take a detailed history. An assessment is done to better understand the cause or source of the symptoms. The above usually takes about 20 minutes.

Then we get to work!

"Osteopathic treatment let me use my knee and leg again!"

— BV

"My migraines were relieved."

— KL

"Hans helped me get back to moving pain free after years of debilitating car accidents compounded by old surgeries and sports injuries."

— AH

"In one treatment of osteopathy I got more results than many sessions of other therapies I’ve tried."

— JN

"My carpal tunnel was keeping me from working. Rolfing kept me from needing surgery and I can still do my job."

— NZ

"The Rolfing 10 series was transformative for me. Like having a new body! The changes have been long lasting."

— JS

"My digestion and headaches improved with osteopathy. I feel like Hans got to the root of my issues."

— BT

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