Hello! I’m Hans

Practitioner of Osteopathy
Certified Rolfer

I was searching in vain for years to understand and fix my own back pain. Rolfing made sense so I tried the 10 series. It helped long term. I began the training in Boulder Colorado at the Rolf Institute in 2000 and then to further my knowledge, I took the training in Osteopathy here in Vancouver at the Canadian College of Osteopathy, which offered much more precision and insight to my work.

I have seen the advantages of using Rolfing and Osteopathy in my treatments. Both are holistic therapies. Since the whole body works as one unit and not as separate parts, this view is key to the effectiveness of both my work. Osteopathy has put a lot more “tools” in my toolbox and has given me a greater sense of palpation and understanding of how things work and has provided me a greater insight on how to best treat safely and effectively.

I enjoy helping people from all walks of life to move better and live better with Rolfing and Osteopathy!

I am a trained Osteopathic practitioner with a Bachelor Degree in Science from the Canadian College of Osteopathy and am also a member of the Society of the Promotion of Manual Practice (SPMPO). Many extended health care providers recognize this DOMP designation and cover these treatments (please check your individual policy for details). 

"Osteopathic treatment let me use my knee and leg again!"

— BV

"My migraines were relieved."

— KL

"Hans helped me get back to moving pain free after years of debilitating car accidents compounded by old surgeries and sports injuries."

— AH

"In one treatment of osteopathy I got more results than many sessions of other therapies I’ve tried."

— JN

"My carpal tunnel was keeping me from working. Rolfing kept me from needing surgery and I can still do my job."

— NZ

"The Rolfing 10 series was transformative for me. Like having a new body! The changes have been long lasting."

— JS

"My digestion and headaches improved with osteopathy. I feel like Hans got to the root of my issues."

— BT

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